Anson Mills Grains

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Organic | Heirloom | Cold-Milled
Columbia, SC

Anson Mills produces certified organic heirloom grains in South Carolina. They focus on regionally adaptive heirloom grains which were bred for superior flavor rather than mass quantity. Inspired by the "Carolina Rice Kitchen", many of their grains have cultural history in the south and are difficult to find. Extensively used by chefs and top restaurants, Anson Mills Grains are a premium quality, exclusive product.

Their grains often cook differently than ordinary store-bought grains as they are fresh-harvested and cold-milled. For this reason they must also be kept refrigerated, or preferably frozen. This way, they will retain their full flavor and quality. Find cooking instructions and inspiration from their recipes available at

We currently carry the following Anson Mills products:

Carolina Gold Rice
Charleston Gold Aromatic Brown Rice
Laurel Aged Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice
Carolina Gold Rice Grits
Antebellum Coarse Yellow Grits
Antebellum Coarse White Grits
Jimmy Red Grits
Native Fine Blue Corn Meal
Spin Rosso della Valsugana Polenta Integrale
White Otto File Polenta Integrale
Handmade Artisan Fine Yellow Polenta
Rustic New Crop Buckwheat Polenta
Artisan Fine New Crop Buckwheat Flour
Heirloom Yellow Flint Popcorn
Sea Island Red Peas
18th Century Style Stone Cut Toasted Oats
Rustic Stone Ground Toasted Peelcorn Oat Flour
Farro Piccolo
Farro Verde
Farro Grano Arso
Red Fife Whole Wheat Berries
Red Fife Whole Wheat Bread Flour
Abruzzi Rye Berries
Abruzzi Rye Flour
Jefferson Red Rice
China Black Rice
Thirteen Colony Rice Waffle Flour
Carolina Graham Wheat Flour
Circa 1800 French Mediterranean Bolted White Bread Flour
Colonial-Style 100% Whole Wheat Flour
Antebellum Bennecake Flour