Local Meats From in and Around Orlando, FL

Discover our selection of ethically-raised local meats from Florida farms using the highest standards in livestock production.

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Lake Meadow Naturals

Lake Meadow Naturals in Ocoee, FL produces a variety of different meats and animal products. In our store you will find various local meats including chicken, bacon, sausage, eggs, duck, and even seasonal turkey. Their cage-free animals eat non-GMO vegetarian feed and are never given antibiotics or hormones.

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Tracy Lee Farms

Tracey Lee Farms based in Hawthorne, FL raises 100% grass-fed beef, chicken and pork using organic methods. All livestock is pasture-raised and free-roaming, foraging on grass, plants, and insects. Any supplemental feed is organic and soy-free.

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Three Suns Ranch

Three Suns Ranch in Punta Gorda, FL raises 100% grass-fed bison - a rarity to find raised in Florida. No antibiotics or hormones are ever used. Three Suns Ranch also provides wild hog from their property.