Our Produce

Just Picked

Fresh 24 is committed to bringing the very best in taste and nutrition to you. By working with small, local farms, and focusing on direct-sourcing, we bring freshly-picked produce to the store within hours of harvest. With short travel time and distance, our produce is at its absolute prime while supporting local agriculture and family farms.

Quality First

Many of the farms which supply us grow produce with chefs in mind. This goes to say that quality is never compromised for quantity by these farmers. The seasonality of different items and the highlight of special breeds and heirloom varieties makes shopping for fresh produce a new and exciting experience. We have experienced the difference this quality can make to your meals and believe farm-fresh is the way food was meant to be enjoyed. Look out for watermelon radishes, purple daikons, romanesco, purple cauliflower, heirloom tomatoes, blood oranges, purple peppers, fairy tale eggplant & much more!

Farm Practices

We work with certified organic, organic practices, hydroponic, and conventional farmers. We source organic as often as possible, making the majority of produce we offer certified organic, or grown using organic methods without certification. When we work with conventional farms, they are always small, family owned farms which care for the land and the food they raise to feed their families and sustain themselves. We maintain relationships with our farmers, avoid industrialized agriculture, and strive to source the cleanest items possible for you to enjoy and feel good about eating.

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