Rancho Gordo Beans

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Heirloom | Fresh-Harvest | Seasonal
Napa, CA

Rancho Gordo specializes in old-fashion heirloom beans. They produce several interesting and unique varieties of bean, many of which are rarely seen in stores. Long-lost legumes with names like Domingo Rojo, Christmas Lima (pictured above), Mayocoba, and Yellow Indian Woman are just a few of the varieties you will spot in-store throughout the year. 

Rancho Gordo beans are freshly-harvested and dried. They have a constant cycle of new harvests which ensures freshness and keeps things new and exciting with seasonal availability. Heirloom beans are often more difficult to grow than hybridized varieties, but the result is a bean that is superior in flavor, texture, and overall quality.

The Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc project also features heirloom beans which have been traditionally grown by indigenous peoples of Mexico. This project supports small family farms throughout Mexico who grow these special beans in their native land for us to enjoy. Taste the difference that Rancho Gordo's heirloom beans make in your next meal - we think you won't look at beans the same again!