Local Meats and Produce at
Our Produce Market in Orlando, FL

Through our partnership with farmers, we have local meats and organic produce harvested within 24 hours of being in-store. This freshness results in produce which yields the highest level of taste and nutrition. 


From Organic Produce to Local Meats,
Our Mission is Fresh, Clean Food

Fresh 24 is a community market that offers its customers a place where they can find clean food options. We source fresh, locally grown produce, ethically treated proteins without chemical and unnatural diets and other provisions in their natural unprocessed state. We search for independent family farms that grow food for taste, not shipping, and that care about the health of both their consumers and the environment. Fresh, clean and seasonal is our mission and is best achieved by sourcing as locally as possible. It’s our belief that healthy food for our customers and healthy farms for our community equals a healthy company for the future.

   Maury & Anne Fitzgerald, Owners 

   Maury & Anne Fitzgerald, Owners 

Fresh 24 Growth

  • Fresh 24 opened November 16, 2012 with limited farms and has expanded to over 50 farming partners and growing.
  • Sourcing is our key to success; the better the products we can find from our partners, the more excitement we can bring to our customers about eating fresh and seasonal.
  • We will continue to grow our network of farms to find the freshest clean food sources available anywhere.
  • Our vision is to have a Fresh 24 available in communities throughout the state and region - all sourcing locally and keeping the unique personality of the communities they belong to in mind.
  • All farmers are recognized in our store as we show the customer exactly where their food has come from.
  • We will continue to partner with farmers and customers who believe that the way we eat not only helps ourselves, but helps each other.