Wine Forest Wild Foods

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Napa, CA

Special varieties of culinarily-prized wildcrafted mushrooms and foraged foods are the focus of Wine Forest Wild Foods based out of California. From dried morels and candy caps, to fennel pollen, elderberry shrubs and porcini polenta - a plethora of diverse aromas from nature's offerings await your kitchen.

Wild mushrooms can add new dimensions to your cooking. Delectable flavors and textures found in mushroom varieties such as Morels, Chanterelles, Porcini, and Candy Caps please the palate and can make kitchen experimenting a fascinating experience.

Find these products from Wine Forest Wild Foods available in our store:

Dried Morel Mushrooms
Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms
Dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms
Dried Porcini Mushrooms
Dried Candy Cap Mushrooms
Forest Farro
True Wild Rice (Porcini Mix)
Porcini Risotto
Porcini Polenta
Wild Elderberry Shrub
Wild Huckleberry Shrub
Fennel Pollen
Mushroom Alchemy (Seasoning)
Candy Cap Sugar
Porcini Powder
Pickled Sea Beans
Pickled Cocktail Chanterelles